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Even WoW’s best guild is using visual modifiers to improve raid fight clarity

It’s no secret mechanics in World of Warcraft’s Mythic+ dungeons and raids are barely visible and you have to strain your eyes to see them. But this reached new highs when Team Liquid opted to use visual modifiers just to see raid mechanics a bit better.

During their Nov. 19 progression of Tinder Sageswift, Seer of the Flame—the second-to-last boss of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope—Liquid used Inky Black Potion to make the surroundings darker.

Liquid used the potion to make the otherwise barely visible mechanics stand out. Normally, this boss has red and light blue-colored abilities, and the encounter has a light blue and green background. You really need to focus on abilities to notice and separate them from the background. Unfortunately, this also means it’s difficult to play your class properly because you’re too focused on trying to stay alive while the big Druid boss chips away your health pool.

This problem seems to be returning with every new patch. Generally, the devs focus on designing visually and thematically pleasing raids and dungeons, without concerns for anything else. The best example of this is the Court of Stars dungeon, which was featured in the Mythic+ pool in Dragonflight season. The dungeon is teeming with the color purple. The floor is purple, the background is purple, and all the bosses and most of their abilities are purple too. This makes it incredibly demanding to see certain abilities, leading to you straining your eyes to such an extent you need to take a break.

Blizzard has time and time again promised to fix this and make the game more visually clear. But there’s been very little progress.

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