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Fnatic’s reverse sweep over BDS secures long-awaited MSI return

Kings, dynasties, and legacies take center stage once again as Fnatic reached the LEC Spring Split Grand Final against G2 Esports while securing their return to the Mid Season Invitational after six years of absence.

The league was still called EU LCS the last time Fnatic won their last Spring Split and made it to MSI. Now, six years later, they secured their spot after executing a breathtaking reverse sweep against Team BDS in the Spring Split lower bracket final. 

This victory not only propels Fnatic to the international stage but also catapults them into the grand final of the split, where they are set to clash with historical rivals G2 Esports in what promises to be yet another entertaining match for fans to follow.

Despite facing an initial setback with BDS claiming the advantage in the first two games, Fnatic refused to concede defeat. BDS seemed unstoppable as they snowballed early game advantages until Fnatic’s nexus was destroyed, even showcasing some new champion picks like Adam’s Yasuo in game one. Showing precise teamfighting at the beginning of the series, they controlled the map and rhythm of the game from the get-go However, Fnatic demonstrated unwavering resolve, turning the tide with strategic skirmishes across the map to dismantle BDS’ composition starting game three.

As the series progressed, Fnatic’s momentum surged, culminating spectacular performances like Noah’s pentakill clutch in game four. As Silver Scrapes introduced the fans at home and in the Riot Games Arena in Berlin to game five, it was time to close the series. 

The climactic last game was neck to neck, with both teams fighting for not only a chance to go to MSI but also to avoid elimination and having to wait until June to play on stage again. It came down to a few teamfights in the late game, where missteps from BDS and high death cooldowns gave Fnatic the time to execute their strategy with patience and precision. 

Even if BDS succeeded in securing a Baron Buff to defend their base, Fnatic’s map control didn’t allow their opponent to take a step from their base without risking death. In one final siege, Fnatic patiently waited out BDS and closed the series after the reverse sweep. 

Denied the opportunity to make their debut appearance at MSI, BDS will now have to regroup and set their sights on future seasons to chase their international aspirations.

As they prepare to face G2 Esports in the grand final, Fnatic carries the hopes of their fans and the weight of their legacy. With their eyes set on reclaiming the Split title for the first time since 2018, Fnatic stands ready to make their mark on the international stage once again.

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