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Hail Mary Scarlet Witch play turns the tide on completely doomed Marvel Snap game

In Marvel Snap, it’s not just the cards that dictate how a player wins; locations have effects that impact how a match goes on too—and that’s exactly what happened when one lucky player pulled off a Hail Mary play with Scarlet Witch today.

Scarlet Witch can change a location when you play her. The catch, however, is she will change it into a random one. She is a great tech card that can be used to get rid of a challenging location. But in the case of Reddit user Kmad03, Wanda became the true game-changer who turned the game upside down.

The epic win came off after their opponent successfully triggered Galactus’ effect, and the other two locations were destroyed. This resulted in a single-location battle, and the opponent got the upper hand by playing a negative eight-Power Hobgoblin, as well as keeping the upgraded Wolverine and playing the combo of Death and Knull. But the player did not lose hope and pulled off the most surprising play possible.

Aside from Hobgoblin, the lucky Snap player had Quake, who can switch the positions of all locations, and Magik, who can turn the location to Limbo, paving the way for an extended turn seven. They managed to create negative three Power on the lone Galactus location which was far behind from the 44-Power made by their opponent. Scarlet Witch, however, was there to save the day and turned the location into Bar With No Name.

In Bar With No Name, the player with the least Power wins. Despite the player making a total of zero Power, they were able to escape with the win in the most triumphant and unexpected way. They also, satisfyingly, grabbed eight cubes, since their opponent already snapped during the turn they triggered Galactus.

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The post garnered more than 1,800 upvotes, as well as praises from fans because of the player’s urge to hang on until the end. Indeed, nothing is impossible in Marvel Snap. And in the player’s case, it was definitely a miracle to survive a perfect Galactus setup, but Scarlet Witch ultimately made the RNG favorable for their side.

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