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LoL devs backpedal on huge Smite changes after just 24 hours of testing

Smite, the main jungling tool in League of Legends, is getting some major changes heading into Season 14, but several of the tweaks have been reverted after just one day of testing.

League devs loaded a wide number of jungle changes onto the PBE testing realm on Sept. 27, including that Smite can no longer be cast on minions and pets. The jungling tool will also now do less damage to champions, its AoE damage was increased to 100 percent, and it no longer grants epic monster damage reduction.

These changes, as well as some hefty nerfs to jungle pets, were all added to the League PBE testing realm for at least a week of practice play, but Riot has since ripped the biggest Smite change—the minions and pets targeting—back off the servers.

All other changes are still live on the testing realm for the time being, though Riot may pull them or change the numbers there at any time.

This reversal likely won’t change jungle’s future; even though the role got some of its power back through smite targeting, its era seemed to be ending anyway. Other changes are so drastic and harsh that they will essentially leave the role unplayable and I assume Riot may have to consider buffs again soon after these changes go live.

League’s roaming jungle role is often considered overpowered by its very nature, with some suggesting it can never be balanced until it’s redesigned.

This is especially true when one team has a good jungler. A good jungler is invaluable, especially because they can turn the tides in any lane, nullifying every lead enemy might have gotten. In a word, the role simply can carry like no other, and in 2023, it feels unfair that most of the game falls on the shoulders of one player.

Still, it’s highly likely most of these other changes role out in the 2024 League preseason, so the tale of the role’s highs and lows continues on.

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