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LoL devs buffing Zeri now pro play is on a break to see if they can figure out her balance

With the pro play being on a break, League of Legends developers are aiming to try some balance changes in the game. One of them is buffing Zeri once again.

In the latest Patch 13.24 preview, which was posted by Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on X on Nov. 28, the lead gameplay designer shed some light on the upcoming changes. A total of a dozen champions are being altered, including Zeri. It turns out, Riot Games developers want to experiment with balancing her once again now that the pro play is over in 2023.

“Now that Tri-Force Zeri is gone and Pro is done for the year, we feel more comfortable giving Zeri some of the AD growth back. We’ll see how she performs with the new items and then monitor,” Phroxzon wrote. The changes themselves don’t tweak Zeri much, but we know from the past two years that the champion doesn’t need much to become completely broken. In Patch 13.24, the developers are increasing her AD growth by 0.7 up to two on each level. Her Ultrashock Laser (W) damage is also receiving a small buff by being increased by 10 points to 30-190.

While 13.24 itself may not shake up the meta significantly, but the upcoming preseason surely will. This time around, Riot are changing the jungle, again, alongside neutral monsters, items, and more. So while Zeri doesn’t necessarily have to become broken in Patch 13.24, her prowess in January, when the preseason comes out, might once again be too strong.

Many players would rather see Zeri locked up in a nerfed state for the rest of her life on Summoner’s Rift due to their unbalanced experiences with the champion. But it’s encouraging to see Riot trying to fix her when it has the chance, even though it already tried dozens of times in the past.

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