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Palworld player shares 20 cut features we may see return

As a survival game, Palworld’s addictive and enjoyable concept seems perfect, but what if there were more to do? One player brought 20 intriguing, possibly deleted features sourced from old trailers to light, leaving us wondering whether PocketPair will bring some of these to the game in the future.

In a Reddit post on Feb. 11, a Palworld player, nicknamed u/Unhappy_Panic_1875, uploaded snaps of 20 features teased in initial trailers but never made it to the game. Pocketpair might have chosen to cut these features during development due to constraints or, as pointed out by other players in the thread, were probably just graphics that were not meant to be features in the first place.

Whatever the reason the features were cut, I’m speaking for the fandom when I say PocketPair needs to reconsider at least some of them for future content updates. Here’s a list of the 20 features Unhappy_Panic_1875 highlighted in their post: 

  1. Rideable cart pulled by Direhowls
  2. Advanced Pengullet building system
  3. Great house architecture
  4. Shaving Lamballs to obtain Wool
  5. Mozzarina mowing down crops of Wheat
  6. Player giving Direhowls belly rubs
  7. Pals transporting Pals in cages
  8. Destroying a village
  9. Jormuntide’s trainer, possibly a boss fight like Zoe and Grizzbolt
  10. Sniper rifle with a scope
  11. Lasso to trap Pals
  12. Advanced gardening features
  13. Building a Rocket
  14. A huge Whale-like Pal that can be ridden
  15. A sky biome
  16. Bad guys hideout
  17. Fighting arena
  18. Fishing with Jolthog
  19. Ships
  20. A huge red, glowing structure that can’t be explained

A lot of the features seem to have been used for show. That said, I’d love for new mechanics like fishing to be introduced to Palworld, along with new biomes and rideable Pals. More building options to make well-designed houses like we can in LEGO Fortnite also sounds like a great idea. Giving Direhowl a belly rub may indicate the devs were planning to add different petting animations for Pals, and I’m sure a lot of us would love that.

If we look at PocketPair’s official roadmap for Palworld early access, a lot of these features, including new Pals, biomes, building structures, and more, fit right in, so some of the cut features could appear in the future. Many players in the thread highlighted the need for a better farming system in Palworld, allowing them to grow more food and use more tending tools. “Basically Paldew Valley,” one popular comment, referring to Stardew Valley, reads. 

While it’s unknown whether PocketPair will consider adding the features it deleted, it’s certainly fun thinking about rideable whales, lassos, and rockets existing in Palworld.

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