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Pokémon Go launches new way to pay for items—but the deals are laughable

Yesterday, Niantic introduced the Pokémon Go Web Store, which allows players to purchase PokéCoins and other bundles from a web browser outside of the handheld app. This new store promised exclusive bundles and limited-time deals, but so far, all of the specials have failed to tempt Pokémon fans.

In fact, fans are even reacting with clown and laughing emojis to the web-exclusive Ultra Legend Box on social media instead of reaching for their wallets.

One of the tweets in question includes a quote from a recent Dot Esports interview with Pokémon Go director Michael Steranka. In that May 18 report, Steranka stated his team had been working on new stuff that would “really blow people away,” but fans are instead using the quote to show just how unexcited they are about the store.

The Ultra Legend Box contains two Elite Charged TMs, two Elite Fast TMs, ten Super Incubators, and five Premium Battle Passes for $24.99. Based on all the laughing and clown emojis, players aren’t taking Niantic’s updates seriously nor do they plan on purchasing the web bundle. It might’ve helped ease tensions if Niantic had instead thrown Remote Raid Passes into the bundle for a reasonable price, especially with the ongoing controversy.

Other avid players have agreed the Ultra Legend Box feels underwhelming.

Aside from the disappointing box, the PokéCoin bundles also lack any sort of appeal despite the bonus coins you get when purchasing through the Pokémon Go Web Store. This web-exclusive offer might benefit the players who are already in the habit of paying for PokéCoins, but it’s not enough to convince other players to join in.

On the bright side, there’s always a chance the Pokémon Go Web Store will provide better bundles and offers in the future. But it’s certainly not off to a great start.

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