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Redfall was so disappointing, gamers are literally choosing to buy printers instead

Redfall was published on May 2 by Bethesda and it was disappointing, to say the least. With Black Friday deals slowly making their way to the stores gamers will take almost anything instead of that game.

At Best Buy you can get Redfall for $9.99 as shared by Wario64, but for the same price, you can also buy an Epson printer. “A printer or Redfall, take your pick,” posted Wario64—and the printer is already sold out.

Many gamers in the comments wrote the printer is an obvious winner in this choice. “I’d rather play with the printer,” one person wrote while another added they can print funny memes and show them to their grandma. Funny enough, a few noted how you will end up spending more money on the printer because of the ink, but at least you’ll be able to put the printer to good use (like printing memes for your grandma), while the best thing to do with Redfall is refund it.

Redfall‘s launch was a disaster with lots of bugs and an unfun gameplay loop resulting in just 31 percent positive reviews on Steam. “Came free with my 4080 and I wish they would’ve paid more to not get it,” is one of the most popular reviews for the game, followed by: “May the lord have mercy upon the people who spend money on this game.”

At the time of writing, Redfall has a whopping 17 concurrent players according to Steam Charts, but despite that, Bethesda and the developer studio Arkane still refuse to give up on the game. On Nov. 16 the game got a major update adding a new weapon, balance changes, and fixing stability issues. It’s hard for me to grasp why the devs are trying to keep the game alive but it’s likely only a matter of time until they pull the plug.

On a good note, Microsoft indicated its interest in being more involved with the development of games through its subsidiary studios, including Bethesda and Arkan, so hopefully the Redfall calamity doesn’t happen again.

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