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Spider-Man 2 fans can’t wait to see just how this immersive feature works

In the interview with Insomniac Games on Sept. 16 about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the developers shared multiple features of the game, including Spider-Man doing Spidey stuff around New York City.

The associate animation director at Insomniac Games, James Ham, said: “There are times you can be swinging around the city and you can see the other Spider-Man actively doing something or stopping a crime and sometimes you can hop in and they will join you.”

This got fans excited as it feels like the developers thought of everything when making this game. One fan pointed out that because you can interact with the other Spider-Men, it will make side-quests and activities less repetitive.

It will also make the world feel like we truly are in the superhero universe with heroes and criminals doing their thing. The same fan on Reddit fantasized about how the game has the potential to expand its roster with new characters and add more interactions, including meeting them as everyday citizens.

I played through the first two games and in both New York felt so detailed and alive that I never used fast travel. I can only imagine how immersive the city will be in the sequel with this feature, but I also hope it will complement the gameplay well enough.

There’s no gameplay showcasing this feature just yet, but it should make its way into the final release of the game on Oct. 20, 2023.

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