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Warzone players claim 2 ‘annoying’ killstreaks don’t belong in Ranked Play Resurgence

Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence provides an arena for players to showcase their skills, but community members want two killstreaks that oppose that competitive spirit removed.

As part of the season two update in early February, Fortune’s Keep made its long-awaited return to CoD: Warzone alongside Ranked Play Resurgence. Raven Software and Treyarch worked together on the project, taking what both studios learned from Ranked Play in WZ2 and scaling everything down to fit the smaller map, lobby size, and respawn elements.

In an Intel Drop video released last week discussing the mode, Treyarch associate design director Lawrence Metten talked about removing “randomness,” and Raven Software lead gameplay designer Tully Ackland said the devs “are all about taking out luck or items that can’t be counter-played so often.” Community members want the Mosquito and Bomb Drones removed from the mode to fulfill those promises made by the devs.

Warzone players want Mosquito and Bomb Drones removed from Ranked Play Resurgence

A frustrated Warzone player recently explained on Reddit why Mosquito Drones and Bomb Drones don’t belong in Ranked Play Resurgence.

“Please, Raven, remove these killstreaks from the loot pool because they take no skill to use and don’t belong in a ranked mode,” the OP pleaded.

The Mosquito Drone is a killstreak that circles the area around where the drone is launched. After locking onto the nearest enemy, the drone dives down and explodes on impact. The killstreak doesn’t take down enemies in one hit but deals a substantial chunk of damage.

“Just delete them altogether. It is one of the corniest things added to Warzone. Who comes up with this shit,” a player mockingly asked.

Meanwhile, Bomb Drones are remote-controlled drones with an attached C4 charge. Unlike the Mosquito, which is automatic, players manually fly and detonate the Bomb Drone. This killstreak doesn’t instantly down enemies either, but users still don’t believe it should be in Ranked Play.

“There’s nothing remotely fun or interesting about getting killed by a bomb drone while you’re trying to play the game,” a second user added.

Ranked Resurgence already banned Riot Shields, one-shot sniper rifles, thermal scopes, and multiple shotguns, but community members don’t want the devs to stop there.

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