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‘You f**ks shouldn’t even be playing here’: CS2 caster rips Liquid, Complexity in RMR game

The final match of the PGL Copenhagen Major American RMR pitted Complexity against Team Liquid in a bittersweet matchup for North American fans, as it meant only one NA CS2 team would qualify for the Major.

Prior to the start of the match, M80 Esports lost to Legacy despite taking the Brazilian side’s map pick at the beginning of the series. With the rest of the NA teams eliminated and only either Complexity or Liquid going to Copenhagen, a clearly frustrated Dustin “dusT” Mouret ripped into both teams for dropping what he saw as winnable matches.

“You fucks weren’t even supposed to be playing this game, honestly, if one of you could have taken care of FURIA,” the NA caster said. “Liquid, I’ll start with you; you have so much incredible talent on paper, so much experience, if you can just clean up those little issues you could be one of the best teams in the world.”

Mouret then turned his attention to Complexity, and after first praising two of the team’s stars in EliGE and hallzerk, he challenged two other members of the roster to step it up. “Where in the fuck have floppy and Grim been? Listen boys, I know that you can be some of the best riflers in NA,” dusT said before highlighting some of their previous accomplishments. “Let’s rekindle some of that. Let’s get it going.”

Mouret’s complaints towards floppy and Grim are not without merit; the two put up solid numbers at recent events like IEM Sydney, Thunderpick, and BLAST Fall, and even at the qualifiers for this RMR. But at the event itself, they haven’t shown up, posting a combined -37 K/D differential and an HLTV player rating average of roughly 0.9 while EliGE and hallzerk have done all the heavy lifting.

At time of writing, both Complexity and Team Liquid are currently playing each other for the one final Americas spot at the Copenhagen Major, as well as the distinction of being the only NA team at the first CS2 Major.

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