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LIV Golf Boston purse, payout breakdown: How much prize money will the winner make?

It’s almost payday for LIV Golf players.

For LIV Golf players, payday is once a month, but it’s well worth the wait. With big-money purses going out to the field of 48 — and the 12 teams of four — LIV Golf keeps the cash flow going as their momentum keeps rolling.

LIV Golf’s purses are the stuff of legend in the golf world already: With a $4 million check cut to the winner of their tournaments, LIV winners make more than any major tournament winner on the PGA Tour, a fact that likely pushes many of the PGA’s top players to at least consider jumping ship.

Interestingly enough, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and other of LIV’s biggest gets haven’t landed on the top step of the podium yet. Instead, it’s been Henrik Stenson, Charl Schwartzel and Branden Grace who have put money in the bank.

The next LIV event in suburban Boston is more of the same: The top winner takes home a prize bigger than any golf major tournament event, while even its teams take home a pretty penny for staying in the fight.

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Here’s what you know to this weekend’s prize money in Massachusetts:

LIV Golf Boston purse

Each of the eight LIV Golf Invitational events this year have a minimum purse of $25 million — $20 million of that is devoted to the individual golfers.

The remaining $5 million is spread amongst the top three teams.

How much does the winner get?

The winner of this weekend’s event in Bolton, Mass. takes home a total of $4 million, which is consistent with the top prize for the other tournaments. 

The winning team gets a $3 million check split amongst its players. The second-place team gets $1.5 million, while the third-place team gets a $500,000 payout.

LIV Golf Boston payouts 2022

As is the case with all LIV Golf events, the top winner gets a $4 million payout. 

If two players tie for a position, then the money among the tied positions will be added and divided evenly among players who tie. 

As an example: If two players are tied for second, then they will combine the second- and third-place finishes and divide them among two players, good for $1,812,500 apiece.

Here’s how the projected payout breaks down for this weekend:

Place Projected payout
1 $4,000,000
2 $2,125,000
3 $1,500,000
4 $1,050,000
5 $975,000
6 $800,000
7 $675,000
8 $625,000
9 $580,000
10 $560,000
11 $540,000
12 $450,000
13 $360,000
14 $270,000
15 $250,000
16 $240,000
17 $232,000
18 $226,000
19 $220,000
20 $200,000
21 $180,000
22 $172,000
23 $170,000
24 $168,000
25 $166,000
26 $164,000
27 $162,000
28 $160,000
29 $158,000
30 $156,000
31 $154,000
32 $152,000
33 $150,000
34 $148,000
35 $146,000
36 $144,000
37 $142,000
38 $140,000
39 $138,000
40 $136,000
41 $134,000
42 $132,000
43 $130,000
44 $128,000
45 $126,000
46 $124,000
47 $122,000
48 $120,000

In addition to the individual payouts, the top-ranked team in the tournament will take home $3 million, second place earns $1,500,000 and third place gets $500,000.

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