Indiana’s Anthony Leal pays off sister’s student loans with NIL money

Anthony Leal, a junior on Indiana’s basketball team, stepped up big for his older sister Lauren’s Christmas present.

A video has gone viral of the younger brother using his NIL money to pay off his sister’s student loans in one fell swoop. He announced the news to her in a card, which she read aloud.

“You’re a spark of goodness that brightens the world,” the card read. “You radiate kindness and bring happiness to so many people, especially me.”

She stopped reading for a second, looked at her brother, and said, “That’s so nice!”

“Hey sis, I wanted you to know how much I look up to you and admire who you are,” the card continued. “Your soul is beautiful and you are the best role model ever. There is no doubt that I have made it to where I am today because of you.

“Someone like you deserves no burdens or restrictions in life, and I feel like the best way to help you with that is by …”

Lauren Leal stopped reading again, gasped, and exclaimed, “I don’t even know how much that is!”

The younger brother interjected: “I do — it’s zero now.”

The brother and sister embraced in a touching Christmas moment.

Anthony Leal was a four-star recruit out of Bloomington South in Indiana in the high school class of 2020. Now in the beginning of his third season at Indiana, he has appeared in 41 games for the Hoosiers.

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