Robert Saleh noncommittal on Jets’ quarterback decision

ORCHARD PARK — Tim Boyle wasn’t lobbying to replace Zach Wilson as the Jets’ starter after coming off the bench late in the third quarter of Bills 32, Jets 6. 

“Whoever’s gonna play, they have to be ready to go run the offense and try to beat Miami,” Boyle said, “so we’ll figure that out soon.” 

Robert Saleh was noncommittal as to who will try to beat Miami on Black Friday.

He said he would make a decision on Monday about who will start that game. 

“I think a part of my strength is being able to get the ball out of my hands quick, and the decisiveness I think is a part of my game that I lean on just trying to get the ball out, and not forcing things in coverage,” Boyle said. “There’s an unfortunate part of the game where taking a sack’s better than trying to jam it into coverage and throwing an interception … just get the ball out quick I think’s my biggest thing. It takes a lot of heat off the O-line, it gets the playmakers the ball in space and we got so some guys who can make some people miss.” 

Saleh was desperate for a spark after Wilson failed to complete a single pass to a wide receiver and finally managed to break a 40-drive offensive drought without a touchdown. 

“It’s really just positivity,” Boyle said. “Football’s an interesting momentum game where words on the sideline and your word in the huddle, it’s not gonna cultivate much. It’s really just about playing together and making sure that communication’s strong. There’s no heroics out there.” 

Boyle has three career touchdown passes and nine interceptions after Rasul Douglas got his second one of the game late on Sunday. 

“I had my eyes left, I was trying to work G [Garrett Wilson]. I didn’t feel like the coverage was advantageous for G,” Boyle said. “I saw Conk [Tyler Conklin] out of the corner of my eye, he was open. The corner did a really good job of driving it. It’s a fourth down, gotta get the ball out, I’m not taking a sack, so gotta try to get it out of your hands, and unfortunately forced it in there. Rasul made a really good play on it, on my eyes, and unfortunate.” 

Boyle was 7-for-14 for 33 yards and one sack.

Wilson was 7-for-15 for 81 yards and five sacks. 

“There were a couple of balls I want back, but I think I came in and, for not getting many reps, I think I did a decent job of getting guys in and out and getting personnels and motions all right,” Boyle said. “So good to be out there, unfortunate how today ended up, gotta give credit to Buffalo.”

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