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Armie Hammer’s ex Elizabeth Chambers doesn’t want her kids to have “daddy issues”: “They should think that their dad is a superhero”

Elizabeth Chambers is committed to ending “generational family trauma” when it comes to her children, whom she shares with controversial ex-husband Armie Hammer.

The second episode of Freeform’s Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise picks up shortly after Hammer, who has been accused of sexual abuse and having cannibalistic fantasies, broke his silence in a bombshell interview with Air Mail in which he also opened up about his 10-year-long marriage to Chambers.

“Armie chose to break his silence. He chose to do this article,” she says in the reality series. “It didn’t involve a decision that we made together. I wish it didn’t involve me at all. That felt like an attack. It felt very out of nowhere.”

The BIRD Bakery owner further opens up about her ex-husband while chatting with her friend.

“My sister said it best. She’s like, ‘Every single day, somebody just taps you on the shoulder reminding you of the most painful time of your life,’” Chambers says. “But also I’m fiercely protecting my children, which is why we’re still here [in the Cayman Islands]. And they have — thank God — no idea about what is going on.”

She continues, “My children are blissfully happy. They should think that their dad is a superhero. And to be fair, he has been to them. He’s been the best he can be.”

Chambers and Hammer tied the knot in 2010 — exactly 10 years before they announced their separation. In 2021, an anonymous woman claimed she was having a four-year-long affair with the actor, who allegedly sent her violent messages pertaining to rape fantasies and cannibalism. Another woman later accused Hammer of sexual assault, claiming it was “outside and beyond” the realm of traditional BDSM, per Vulture.

“I don’t speak negatively about [Hammer] in the press,” Chambers said on the Freeform show. “I don’t speak negatively about him to my children because nobody wants a daughter with daddy issues and nobody wants a son with daddy issues. They should think that their dad’s a superhero. And that’s a beautiful thing that I will never, ever, ever diminish or take away.”

Chambers concluded the conversation by saying it was her “life work” to end the “generational family trauma.”

Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise airs every Tuesday on Freeform. New episodes are available to stream on Hulu.

If you or someone you know needs to reach out about sexual abuse or assault, RAINN is available 24/7 at 800-656-HOPE (4673), or online at

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