North Korea’s Kim unveils new military goals at key party meeting: State media

North Korea has fired an unprecedented number of missiles this year, and many launches were designed to develop “top priority” strategic weapons under a five-year plan laid out at a Workers’ Party congress in early 2021.

The list includes tactical nuclear weapons, a new intercontinental ballistic missile, hypersonic gliding flight warheads, nuclear-powered submarines and a reconnaissance satellite.

Tension remained high throughout this year amid the North’s constant weapons tests, and it flared again this week after five North Korean drones crossed into South Korea, prompting Seoul to scramble fighter jets and attack helicopters, and try to shoot them down.

During the plenary meeting, Kim also pointed out “a series of serious shortcomings” observed in such areas as science, education and health this year, and suggested ways to overcome them and raised key tasks for next year, KCNA said.

North Korean leaders previously made speeches on New Year Day, but in recent years, Kim has called days-long party gatherings at the end of the year to announce major policy decisions.

The economy is high on the agenda, with Kim facing mounting pressure from international sanctions, the fallout from an anti-coronavirus lockdown and natural disasters.

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