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Al Roker Shocked His ‘Today Show’ Colleagues With A Surprise Appearance 

Al Roker paid his Today Show colleagues a visit during Thursday’s broadcast, surprising them on-air.

Today Show anchors Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer were ending a segment on National Wine Day when Roker strode onto set, shocking them so much Dreyer let out a shriek.

“He’s back early!” Melvin remarked as Dreyer and Jones welcomed Roker back with hugs.

“We’re still on the air! We’re sorry, we’ll be right back,” Jones said, turning back to the camera. “A little reunion.”

Roker’s Today Show colleagues weren’t expecting him back until next Tuesday, when the meteorologist said he would be fit to return after recovering from his knee surgery.

“I’ve had a number of replacements…this one has been the toughest one yet,” Roker said when he called in during Tuesday’s (May 23) broadcast. He even showed the audience a photo of his “new knee.”

Roker has been absent from the show since May 9 due to this knee replacement surgery. But he’s been calling in to the show to give some hilarious updates about his recovery process.

On May 15, the meteorologist called in to share he’s just been “chilling out” and watching The Mandalorian and Poker Face while staying off his knee.

“I’ll just play it by ear every day,” he said at the time. “And yes, I know, I’m not going to rush back before I have to.”

It looks like he just couldn’t stay away.

The Today Show airs on weekdays at 7 a.m. ET on NBC.

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