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Andy Cohen shares that he’s “heartbroken” over Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis: “Of course, I wish I had kept my mouth shut”

Andy Cohen has addressed the news about Kate Middleton and reflected on his comments in the wake of KateGate.

Just four days prior to Middleton publicly announcing her cancer diagnosis last month, the Bravo host had fed into the online chatter about the Princess of Wales, specifically by reacting to a video that reportedly marked a rare public appearance for Middleton and Prince William since the former’s January abdominal surgery, per Page Six.

“That ain’t Kate…,” he penned on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) on March 18.

Additionally, he shared a screenshot of Middleton’s manipulated Mother’s Day picture on his Instagram story, asking fans to weigh in on the picture with the following question, per Vanity Fair: “Is this Princess Kate?”

He also expressed curiosity about Middleton’s status during John Oliver‘s March appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where the Last Week Tonight host subsequently delved into further speculation about her whereabouts.

On Monday’s (April 1) episode of his SiriusXM radio program, Radio Andy, Cohen took a moment to apologize for contributing to the noise about Middleton, noting that his show had “been off the air for a week.”

“I just want to say, I am heartbroken by the news about Princess Kate, and I think someone on Sky News called me a numpty during that whole conversation and they were right,” he confessed. “And of course, I wish I had kept my mouth shut and we are all praying for Princess Kate and King Charles.”

Charles’ diagnosis was announced in early February, per BBC News.

Cohen highlighted that he “had to say that right at the beginning,” reiterating that “it’s the first opportunity back in front of a live microphone.”

Cohen joins the likes of The Late Show host Stephen Colbert and the co-anchors of The View, who shared their remorse after learning of Middleton’s diagnosis and reflected on their public comments about the royal figure.

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