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Where was ‘The Tourist’ Season 2 filmed? Top filming locations

The new Netflix hit The Tourist follows a car crash victim — played by Jamie Dornan — who wakes up in a hospital with amnesia and works to uncover his past after being hunted by a few people who want him dead.

The first season premiered on Netflix on Feb. 1, 2024 after being removed from Max, with the second season hitting the streaming platform on Feb. 29, 2024. Originally, the season aired Jan. 1, 2024 in the United Kingdom on BBC.

Season 2 moves the series from the Australian Outback to the luscious fields of Ireland, where the man, now known as Elliot, and his girlfriend Helen (Danielle Macdonald) are visiting to learn more about his backstory.

Decider’s Joel Keller praised Season 2 in his review, writing, “The Tourist continues to be an interesting story about a man running from a past he has no idea about, with quirky characters and funny moments to go along with the action and character drama.”

Curious about where exactly the new season was filmed? Continue reading for everything you need to know.

Where Was The Tourist Season 2 Filmed? 

The Tourist Season 1 takes place in Australia and was filmed in South Australia, particularly in the capital city Adelaide, and in smaller cities like Port Augusta and Peterborough, per the Radio Times. However, Season 2 packs its bags and relocates to Ireland. 

The season opens with Helen and Elliot traveling to Ireland after receiving a letter from a person named “Tommy,” who claims to know Elliot.

According to Cosmopolitan, Season 2 was filmed in Dublin, the largest city in Ireland, as well as in rural regions, like Wicklow and Westmeath. Specific locations include the Luggala Estate and the village Kilpedder in Wicklow, and the Kilbeggan whiskey distillery located on the River Brosna in Westmeath — roughly an hour from Dublin.

Jamie Dornan on The Tourist Moving to Ireland 

Decider spoke with Dornan ahead of the Netflix release of the latest season, and he revealed that he prompted the season’s move to Ireland. Dornan described meeting up with Jack and Harry Williams, the writers and executive producers of the show, for a meal and them slipping him a script for the first episode of Season 2.

Dornan immediately knew he didn’t want to relocate his family to Australia again, as he did to film the first season. “I hadn’t said yes or anything. I was like, ‘I’m not even sure I want to do more,’ and if we’re doing more, it would have to be quite different,” Dornan recalled. “I can’t bring my family back like that again. It’s too big an undertaking. It’s a lot for the family.”

Luckily, when Dornan suggested that they film the season in Ireland, he found that he was aligned with the writers. “The show is called The Tourist. There’s a lot of scope for it to move on from the original destination. So, I gently suggested the idea of Ireland and luckily, Jack and Harry had that in their mind too,” Dornan said. “I read the first script and I was like, ‘Oh, right. I’m on board.’ I said ‘yes’ after reading that script.”

The Tourist Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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