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Who Died In The First Episode Of ‘Yellowstone’? What To Know About Lee Dutton

We’re all still waiting for Season 5 of Yellowstone to resume, but what’s the best way to fill that enormous ranch-shaped hole in your streaming schedule? A Yellowstone rewatch, of course!

On Sunday night (September 17), Taylor Sheridan’s beloved Western saga made its network debut on CBS as a whole new audience was able to enjoy the first episode of the immensely popular series (“Daybreak”). If you missed CBS’ rebroadcast of the pilot, every episode of Yellowstone is currently streaming on Peacock Premium. And if you’re looking to continue your rewatch, Season 1 episodes of the Kevin Costner-led drama air Sunday nights on CBS (after NFL football and 60 Minutes).

Who died in the first episode of Yellowstone? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who Died In The First Episode of Yellowstone?

Both Lee Dutton and Robert Long (Jeremiah Bitsui) died in the first episode of Yellowstone.

Lee, John Dutton’s son, was leading a raid on the Broken Rock Reservation in an attempt to retrieve stolen cattle. During the raid, Lee gets distracted when he sees his brother Kayce (Luke Grimes) in the distance and ends up getting shot in the back by Monica’s (Kelsey Asbille) brother-in-law Robert Long (Jeremiah Bitsui). Kayce comes to his brother’s aid, fatally shooting Robert, but it’s too late. Lee is dead.

Who Played Lee Dutton On Yellowstone?

Lee Dutton is portrayed by actor Dave Annable. Although Lee dies in the pilot, he appears during Kayce’s vision quest in the Season 4 finale of Yellowstone (“Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops”).

Where Have I Seen Dave Annable Before?

Mr. Annable is no stranger to the Taylor Sheridan universe. Not only did the actor portray Lee Dutton on Yellowstone, but he also plays Neil (Joe’s husband) on Sheridan’s newest Paramount+ series Lioness.

You might also recognize Annable as Dan Miller from The CW’s Walker, Dr. Ian Harris from Netflix’s 2019 thriller What/If, and/or Dr. Adam McAndrew from FOX’s teen medical dramedy Red Band Society. The prolific actor has also appeared on The Mick, Ben and Kate, This Is Us, and Fantasy Island.

When Does The Next Episode Of Yellowstone Air On CBS?

The next two episodes of Yellowstone (Season 1, Episodes 2 and 3: “Kill the Messenger” and “No Good Horses”) air Sunday, September 24 from 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET on CBS. It’s possible, however, that the start time could be delayed due to NFL football.

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